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Whether you are planning an Italian vacation or are purely a champion of all things Italian, you will enjoy TourUmbria.Com! The perfect destination for anyone intent on a behind the scenes Italian experience, genuine, diversified and authentic! A variety of day trips are available that include a Country Walking Tour, Etruscan Tales and Tombs Tour, Umbria’s Hill Towns, Ceramics Tour, Wine Tasting, and Cooking Classes. Custom tours are available as day long excursions, or as extended trips over several days or weeks. Tours include transportation, lunch, entrance fees, guides and/or class fees.

Select Italy Guided Walking Tours
Full day tours to Assisi, Perugia or Gubbio.

Elizabeth in Umbria
Elizabeth Wholey offers half-day, daily and week-long personalized tours in Tuscany and Umbria, for kids and grown-ups, for food, wine, art and garden lovers, for first-time and seasoned visitors to Italy alike. Try your luck on a truffle hunt, visit winemakers, olive oil producers, cheese makers and the bee keeper, or visit art-filled hill towns such as Cortona, Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino, each with its own history, foods and beauty. Elizabeth offers many tour options to help you fully experience Umbria.

Gusto Wine Tours
A wine tour with Gusto will take you off the beaten track, introduce you to the people behind the wines and let you experience their famous Italian hospitality. You will enjoy a traditional Umbrian lunch and, of course, sample some of the best wines in the world. All this in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. *** Recommended!

Guide In Umbria – Guide in Umbria is a dynamic team of tour guides who would like you to discover and really experience Umbria. They visit a variety of destinations throughout the Region and famous towns like Assisi, Orvieto and Perugia.

Discovering Umbria
Based in Todi, this brother and sister team can guide you to four different regions in Umbria that are known for their wines. Discovering Umbria wine tours won the prestigious prize “Italian Responsible Tourism Award 2010”, a prize based on quality criteria established by UNWTO (The United nations World Tourism Organization).

Love Umbria
Join Love Umbria for wine tours in Umbria & Tuscany, truffle hunting trips, luxury cooking vacations in Umbria and guided tours of some of Italy‘s most beautiful cities. Love Umbria operates scheduled small group tours and organizes day trips and custom tours.

Annes Italy
Full-day or half-day, customized private tours or shared, small group tours (InCompagnia tours and FESTAtours) at reduced prices. These small group tours generally do not exceed 12 people. Anne offers a wide variety of tours to assist you in getting a feel for the true life in Umbria.

Life…Italian Style
Jennifer, a professional chef for over 15 years (working in Philadelphia, Seattle, London, and Foligno, Italy) offers a wide range of services to help visitors to Umbria see the best we have to offer from an eno-gastronomical point of view. Highlights include:, Cooking Classes to explore the simple “cucina” of Umbria, Private Chef in Guest Villa, Horseback Riding & Wine Tasting, Farm Tours, and Bicycle Tours through the Umbrian Valley!

Umbria in Tour
Tour & Travel presents a range of tour options as part of its Umbria in Tour programs based in Orvieto, dedicated to the promotion of Umbria, and guiding the discerning traveller through a discovery of Umbria’s cities of art, as well as organizing special events and creating gastronomic itineraries based around traditional Umbrian food products and cuisine. You may begin your day in the ancient Etruscan centre of Urbs Vetus (the ancient name of Orvieto). All the programs can be organized over half a day or an entire day with lunch made up of produce tastings typical to the region, including wine and oil that is all thoroughly Umbrian! And with the assistance of “Umbria in Tour”.

Strada de Vino e Olio
Umbria is a region full of natural beauty, but is also a big producer of fine wine. The wine roads in Umbria, are routes that allow you to visit the cultivations and the wine producers. There are various guided tours to choose from. The possible itineraries are: the roads of the red wine producers and the roads of the white wine producers. The two tours can also be combined, in order to get a better idea of the area and of the products that it offers to food and wine lovers. The guided tours of local wines allow, at the same time, to visit the beauty of the region of Umbria.

Umbria Driver
An English speaking native of Umbria who will do everything from pick you up at the airport to take you on a long list of suggested tours throughout Umbria.